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Chemical and Petrochemical Division

Asco Filtri is able to provide a wide range of products to meet the most critical needs of filtration in petrochemicals and fine chemicals plants. Thanks to our internal production capability, we can offer innovative and economical solutions.

Example of applications: Aromatics, Ammonia & fertilizers, Biodiesel, Detergents, Fine chemicals, Hydrogenation, Hydrogen Peroxide, Inkjet printing, Melted polymers, Nitric acid, Olefins cracking, PET & PTA, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Paints & resins, Ect.

Oil & Gas Divisions

Engineered filtration systems, property filtering elements, coalescing systems for liquid-gas and liquid-liquid application; for upstream and / or downstream plant, on-shore or off-shore. Asco Filtri has extensive worldwide experience in filtration that match the exploration & production, refining and gas treatment markets demands.

Example of applications: Amine sweetening, CCR, Coker & Delayed Coker, Crude distillation, De-hydrogenation unit, Ethane cracker, FCC & RFCC, Gas Dehydration Unit, Gas Treatment Unit, Glycol Regeneration Unit, GTL, Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating, Isomerization, LNG, LPG purification, LTG, MTO, Produced and injection water, Shale Oil & Shale Gas, Ect.

Water Treatment Division

Self-cleaning filters, standard cartridges and bags filter housings and a broad range of proprietary filter elements represent the Asco Filtri proposal for the water treatment market. Asco Filtri also designs, engineers and manufactures filters for condensate polishing in power generation industry.

Example of applications: Brackish water, Ballast water, Condensate polishing, Cooling water, Industrial water, Irrigation water, Potable water, Process water, Produced and injection water, Sea water desalination, Waste water, Ecc.

Food & Beverage Division

Asco Filtri, for the food and beverage industry, is able to provide pre-assembled skid filtration systems, Filter housings with manually or electropolished surface finishes, cartridge filter elements or bags, all provided with FDA or 1935/2004 /CE Directive certification. Asco Filtri is the Certified Distributor of Parker Domnick Hunter products for the Italian market.

Example of applications: Beer, Beverage carbonation, Edible oil, Fruit juices, Milk and derivate, Molasses and sugars, Potable water, Preservation nitrogen, Syrups, Soft drinks, Steam, Wine, Etc.

Pharmaceutical Division

Asco Filters has a wide range of specific products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that include specific filter media to ensure high filtration performance and fluids sterilization. Asco Filtri is the Certified Distributor of Parker Domnick Hunter products for the Italian market.

Example of applications: Antibiotics, Cosmetics, Fermentation, Injectable, LVP / SVP, Ophthalmic, Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Bioburden reduction, Tanks vent, Solvents, Sterilization, Ultrapure watere, Ect.